Your breakfast

What did you have for breakfast today?

I'm Just saying that I can never imagine starting my day without my healthy breakfast SHAKE....

I used to forget I had to eat, then at 10/11:00 I would want to eat everything.......NOW I have a shake for breakfast, and those that say "I HAVE TO CHEW" really now, do you get up and make breakfast with everything in it? or you will eat when you have a gap?? Is time an Issue???

JUST Have a shake! Its quick easy and its giving your body what it needs to start the might not be ready to shed the kg's but give your body the nutrition it needs by introducing it to a Healthy Breakfast!!!

Where can you get a healthy breakfast for R15 (per serving)?

Published Date: 10 Oct 2013

79A Andries Pretorius Street, Somerset West | 30 Matzikama, Vredendal

0860 437 225 - 021 851 4757 - 082 496 4560

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