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How does it work... from hearing impairment to better hearing?

Michael Lau logo - Michael Lau - Change Your LifeAs a hearing aid acoustician, I do

hearing evaluation, hearing tests, then recommend and fit the most appropriate hearing aids that suit your lifestyle and your wallet.

Step 1. Free Consultation

Photo © PaulGodard.com - Michael Lau - Change Your LifeDuring a friendly interview, I will ask you all sorts of questions about your hearing impairment, medical history, exposure to

high level sounds...  I will also examine the anatomy of your ear canals.

Step 2. Hearing Tests

I do have a sound-proof cabin to conduct proper hearing tests (word counts, background noise...) that will determine the degree of your impairment, in order to select the proper technology, model and size of hearing aids.

I prefer to work with Oticon and Starkey for their excellent support and after-sale service in South Africa.  Other available brands

are : Beltone, Bernafon, Phonak, Resound, Siemens, Unitron and Widex.

The price range of hearing instruments varies considerably from R5000 to R45000 per ear, excluding the testing and fitting fees.

Photo © PaulGodard.com - Michael Lau - Change Your LifeAs a registered health service provider with all major medical aids, the cost of these tests and hearing aids should be covered partially or totally by your medical insurance.

Step 3. Fitting of Hearing Aids

For a month, you will test the recommended hearing aids and evaluate how they improve your life.

At the end of this test period, the claim will be sent to your medical aid.


Other Services

I also do noise level measurements, fit hearing instruments and noise protection devices, as well as all repairs of the above.


Hearing instruments are available in many different styles: miniature instrument hidden in the ear canal and nearly invisible Instrument behind the ear combined with a mini receiver in the ear canal. There are small, medium and large hearing instruments available, depending on the technology and volume which is necessary to balance the hearing loss.


  • batteries (disposable & rechargeable)
  • alarm clocks and telephones for hearing impairment
  • wireless assisting listening devices (ALD) for TV & radio, iPod
  • Bluetooth connections for mobile phone and audio equipment
  • hygiene products for hearing instruments and ears

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